Botticino Classico quarry

Terreni&Coa marble quarry of Botticino Classico, in the town of Botticino (Brescia), is an important open-pit marble field: the caring in the planning and the advanced technologies allowed to reach high results in the making of rough blocks, improving the production in quantity and, especially, in quality.

Diamond wire, saw chain and powerful excavators are effective instruments for the development of the extractive works, always groundbreaking and caring about the environmental and security laws. Dalla cava viene estratto il Marmo di Botticino, Botticino Classico is guaranteed and advertised by the Origin Mark registered in 2005, born with the purpose of valuing the exclusive quality of one of the most exquisite and precious marble in the world. Botticino Classico has always been known and loved and, with its different chromatic variety and its gold veining in an ivory background, it is a very elegant marble.

Botticino Classico is strong and compact and it is used in architecture since Roman Times. It always is cherished and appreciated in the modern projects for its excellent features, both esthetic and physical: it is used in every kind of architectonic projects, outdoor and indoor, and in the ornamental and sculptural area.

Materials extracted from the quarry