Botticino quarry

Terreni&Coa marble quarry of Botticino, in the town of Nuvolera (Brescia), is an open-pit quarry, typical feature of the area, where the levels of the quarry are processed with advanced technological tools. The procedures inside the quarry use advanced technologies and equipment, pursuing the increasing quality and quantity of the production, always following security laws for the workers.

Botticino is quarried in its different qualities from this quarry: Botticino Normale, Botticino Light and Fiorito, with a wide range of colours, from beige/ivory with or without veining, to white with “snowflakes”. This chromatic variety, along with the remarkable physic-mechanic features, makes Botticino a fine and exquisite material, for outdoor and indoor projects, able to satisfy the demand of an expanding global market.

Materials extracted from the quarry