Breccia Aurora S.Carlo quarry

Terreni&Coa marble quarry of Breccia Aurora S.Carlo, in the town of Gavardo (Brescia): it is a high value marble quarry because of the precious material that is quarried, internationally known for many years. This is an open-pit quarry, typical feature of the area, which uses squared facade perfectly made by diamond wire and saw chain, because the quarry does not have natural benches, but a whole structure.

Breccia Aurora stands out from other natural stones because of its typical chromatic shades, which create colour effects and unique designs, particularly suitable for Book-Matching flooring.

Breccia Aurora has an ivory background with spots, veining and shades, that blend from orange, to red-brown, blue-grey or yellow-green. Breccia Aurora Laredo Medio and Laredo Chiaro features with a light beige/ivory background with softer spots and veining.

Breccia Aurora is a suitable material for all kind of processing techniques: polishing and buffing, which point out the shades and the veining of the material. It is used in both indoor and outdoor architecture: flooring, cladding, stairs, kitchens and, for its chromatic variety, in decorative and sculptor art as well.

Materials extracted from the quarry