Breccia Aurora S. Carlo Laredo Medio

Petrographic definition

Breccia calcarea

Commercial category


Color and macroscopic appearance of the stone

Breccia beige dai toni poco contrastati.

Physical-mechanical characteristics


Apparent volume mass
2700 kg/m^3
Soaking coefficient0,20%No foreclosure

Simple compression resistance
79,9 MPaNo foreclosure
Flexural strength10,7 MPa
Slabs not too thin

Tangent elastic modulus
101.500 MPa
Linear thermal expansion 3,9 10-6 x °C-1No foreclosure
Microhardness1491 MPa
Impact resistance31 cm
Slabs not too thin
Wear resistance
(relative coefficient of abrasion)
0,68No foreclosure

Frost resistance
(simple compressive strength after freezing)
22,68Sensitive to frost