Terreni & Coa – Botticino Classico and Breccia Aurora Marbles


Our Quarries

The companyTerreni & Coa srl of Bresciana Marmi Graniti spa group, extracts from its own quarries situated in the Botticino marble area, east of Brescia, North of Italy, precisely in the territories of Botticino, Nuvolera and Gavardo.

All the quarries belong to the “open-pit” kind of quarry. The materials extracted are the followings: Botticino Classico from Botticino’s quarry; Botticino Semiclassico – Light – Fiorito from Nuvolera’s quarry; Breccia Aurora from Gavardo’s quarry.

Planning and technology have produced excellent results in the cutting of rough blocks, improving the quantity and especially the quality of production, decreasing the wasting. Diamond wire, chainsaw and powerful excavators are effective instruments for the development of the extractive works.




Our Marbles

Our products, directly from our own quarries, belong to the limestone process named Corna (Retico Superiore-Sinemuriano), formed between 190-60 millions of years ago through a slow and constant process of sedimentation, cementation and re-crystallization of limestone mud in an inland shallow-sea.

Beginning of the adventure of work in the world of marble

The reality of the processing and marketing of marble and stone began immediately with courage, dedication and professionalism. The fruits have been seen with the use of our marble nationally and internationally in various fields, architectural, construction and artistic.

Purchase of marble quarries

In order to optimize the procurement of the material and satisfy customer orders in a short time, the purchase of marble deposits was made.

Certifications UNI ISO 45001 – UNI ISO 9001 – UNI ISO 14001

Always attentive to safety in the workplace, respect for the environment and the improvement of production management, Terreni & Coa, thanks to the collaboration of all its staff, has implemented and obtained the 3 certifications.


Terreni & Coa, BRESCIANA MARMI GRANITI GROUP SPA, is also associated with the Consortium of Botticino Classico Marble Producers: in 2005 it co-operated with Consortium’s venture to register the Collective TradeMark “Marmo Botticino Classico”, born to guarantee the geographical origin of the incomparable quality of this material.

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