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Our Quarries

The companyTerreni & Coa srl of Bresciana Marmi Graniti spa group, extracts from its own quarries situated in the Botticino marble area, east of Brescia, North of Italy, precisely in the territories of Botticino, Nuvolera and Gavardo.

All the quarries belong to the “open-pit” kind of quarry. The materials extracted are the followings: Botticino Classico from Botticino's quarry; Botticino Semiclassico – Light – Fiorito from Nuvolera's quarry; Breccia Aurora from Gavardo's quarry.

Planning and technology have produced excellent results in the cutting of rough blocks, improving the quantity and especially the quality of production, decreasing the wasting. Diamond wire, chainsaw and powerful excavators are effective instruments for the development of the extractive works.